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Those Who've Donated & Or Become Sponsors

     I just wanna THANK EVERYONE who's ever donated to my site, bought any of my items at my stores & also to those who've become sponsors of DannoSkins.

     As of 4/1/05 ALL Major Sponsors will be posted on my Homepage.

Base Scheme Designers

I'd like to THANK all the painters / designers who create bases for sim racing.

Yes I use premade bases when I don't create a scheme, mostly in NR2K3.

And they make my life easier, LOL.

All The Chassis Makers

     I'd Like to personaly THANK all the GREAT chassis creators out there, without them and their chassis, we'd only be racing game cars.

     So THANK YOU goes out to Scott Hawbaker, Angry Aussie, Corpse, Nosense, Dirt Wizard & everyone else not mentioned off hand.


And Thank You For Letting Me Post Em Here.

All Those Great Track Makers

     The list of track makers is WAY TOO LONG to list, so I'm just gonna thank EVERYONE who does tracks.

     THANK YOU, without your add-on tracks, this game woulda been uninstalled long ago LOL.

All The Other Skin Painters

     I am friends on and offline with quite few PAINTERS for Sim Racing, and throughout the years we've traded secrets, decals, templates & ideas. I just wanna say THANK YOU to ALL my PAINTIN PALS and to the new generation of painters upcoming.

     I started painting when nobody would do skins for everyone, I've always tried to do every request I got even if couln't contact the person back for info. I got help when needed it & I always help out as many as I can, as so do so many of my online pals.


Skins for Me by Others

     I wanna thank the FEW who've actually done skins for me. And I'm posting them below with their permission. THANK YOU GUYS!

           dannosbomber.exe                     rumblefishmod.exe                  rumblefish.exe

                                   dyeagermod.exe                                  dyeagerlm.exe


   Dannos Great.exe    93D GM WoO.exe    Danno SOL Late.exe    Danno 05 SLM.exe     Danno 05 WoO.exe

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